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Ep. 91B – The Tweets That Broke Our “Vacation (All I Ever Wanted)”

We canceled part of our week off to bring you continuing coverage of the Trumpocalypse! Just when you thought it was safe to go back onto social media… First, we’re introducing a brand new co-host this week to help us understand what the hell Trump is doing on Twitter. Then, we present a classic feature wherein Jamie mangles all the words to your favorite 80s hits. You’ll seriously have a newfound disrespect for Jamie after you hear what she does to the songs you love.

80’s Spectacular: “A Bowl of Craig”


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This week we try to figure out what they were singing about in the 80s. In doing so, we Serve up a “bowl of Craig,” somebody gets “stuck with a shindo,” and we all “go to Cabo” and  “eat the worms that you’ve seen.”  Yeah, this isn’t going to be pretty.