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Ep. 98 – A Hurricane of Assholes

The barrage of all-new episodes continues as we almost catch up to the news. This week, from the brave everyday citizens turned rescuers to Ted Cruz we take a look at the heroes and villains of hurricane Harvey… respectively. Then it’s onto the semi-final round of our Who Has the Biggest Asshole Summer Tournament of Assholes!! You won’t believe the shocking outcome of the White Supremacist versus Religious fanatics bracket!

Ep. 72 – Size Matters

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This week an American hero gives Martin Shkreli the gift that keeps on giving… in the face.  Then, in respectful recognition what went down in DC on Friday, we play 2017’s FIRST game of “Who Has the Biggest Asshole,” which we’ve now had to rename “Who Has the Biggest Asshole (Other than Trump!).” And that doesn’t even TOUCH on the news!! … which probably wouldn’t have consented anyway… but who cares anymore!?