The Trudeau Bro

Just before we flood your ears and mobile devices with multiple new shows later this week, we thought it would be nice to at least hear from us. Judson sings and we give you the love and relationship advice you never asked us to give you.

Ep. 96 Sneak Preview!

We are ACTUALLY releasing two new episodes this week. The first is our Charlottesville episode, that starts with an odd horror movie encounter.

Ep. 95 – The Dregs of Summer

In the first of TWO new shows this week, we catch you up on the dregs of summer with everything from Death to Moochy to The Emoji Movie! Later on, we present our second bracket in our Who Has the Biggest Asshole Summer Tournament of Assholes spectacular… religious assholes!

Ep. 94 – Screw “the Mooch”

We take a long, hard look at one of the worst weeks in Trump’s short, flaccid presidency. A warning for those who are sensitive to overexposure to monster-cuck-level, bro-fueled doucehbaggery, there is quite a bit of talk about Anthony Scaramucci.

Ep. 93 – Fux and Friends

This week we focus on porn and the sex industry at large. After we each reveal our super secret porn names, we share our own personal experiences with sex education. It only gets bumpier from there. There is heat. There is passion… like any good sex talk.

Ep. 92 – Trump Junior and the Something-Burger

This week, after going over Tino’s visit to House Judson, we get stuffed on the “nothingburger” that is the clear collusion of the Trump campaign with the Russians. The crazy internet news is back this week too! With everything from vaginal glitter bombs to terrifying behavior at a so-called vegan restaurant. Oh, and fake Larry King is back too.

Ep. 91B – The Tweets That Broke Our “Vacation (All I Ever Wanted)”

We canceled part of our week off to bring you continuing coverage of the Trumpocalypse! Just when you thought it was safe to go back onto social media… First, we’re introducing a brand new co-host this week to help us understand what the hell Trump is doing on Twitter. Then, we present a classic feature wherein Jamie mangles all the words to your favorite 80s hits. You’ll seriously have a newfound disrespect for Jamie after you hear what she does to the songs you love.

Ep. 91 – UnPR Junior: Revenge of the Man Baby

Hello there, kids! This week we’re bringing you a brand new installment of UnPR Junior, full of all the things kids love most… like inspirational robots, Trump biography titles, and our first ever installment of Pseudo-Celebrity Spotlight. All the fun culminates in a children’s version of our signature game, Who Has the Biggest Asshole. (Disclaimer: Though we’re jokingly presenting this as a podcast for kids, it is not. Seriously. No good will come of it. Absolutely no kids should listen to this.)

Ep. 90 – Black Lives F*CKING Matter!

We spend most of the show this week trying to understand the senseless murder of Philando Castile. Though we touch on a few other things (silly things), the main point of this episode is taking a hard look at this tragedy… and why it’s so common.

Ep. 89 – Pride

Happy Pride Month, everyone! We wanted to do an episode exclusively about LGBT pride, but some maniac decided to open fire on congressional republicans. We talk about what happened in Alexandria and our ideas to why. It’s a tough discussion. Luckily, we included a palette cleanser. Unluckily, that palette cleanser is tentacle porn. In our feature we finally DO have a personal and emotional discussion about LGBT pride, culminating in a slightly less emotional game in which we try to guess what various gay sex slang terms mean. Trust me, you’ll want to see what — and this is an actual gay slang term– “Over the bridge to Pimpleton” means.