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Ep. 96 Sneak Preview!

We are ACTUALLY releasing two new episodes this week. The first is our Charlottesville episode, that starts with an odd horror movie encounter.

Ep. 95 – The Dregs of Summer

In the first of TWO new shows this week, we catch you up on the dregs of summer with everything from Death to Moochy to The Emoji Movie! Later on, we present our second bracket in our Who Has the Biggest Asshole Summer Tournament of Assholes spectacular… religious assholes!

UnPR Junior!


The UnPR Podcast has decided to take the show to an even more receptive audience… Kids!!!  We’re going to talk about games, clowns, puppet shows, and adult Internet amateur cam shows! Even the news will be fun fun fun!!! (Note: This show is entirely NOT for kids. If you let your kids listen to this show, you are a horrible parent.)

Ep. 75 – Valentine’s Day Part 2 – Trudeau

UnPR075 Banner

It’s all about love this week, as Judson goes gay for Justin Trudeau and we lovingly try to guess which of Commander-In-Cheeto’s henchmen will get the axe this week. We also take a “working vacation” from the Trump train wreck to once again bring you love and life advice you didn’t ask for. And in the news, Popeyes’ tells Chipotle to “Hold My Beer,” and a son comes to terms with the passing of his father in an unusual fashion.

Profiles in Douchebaggery: Steve Bannon

UnPR074 Banner

This week! We try to find our footing in light of the most recent “Trumpocities.” Because we are so impressed with the new administration, we’re “celebrating” Steve Bannon in our first ever edition of a new feature, “Profiles in Douchebaggery.” In the news we have a live interview with Frederick Douglas who is obviously still alive “and doing a great job.” And finally, in a touching moment, we honor the fallen heroes of the Bowling Green Massacre.

Stay Gold

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Nature’s first green is gold;\Her hardest hue to hold.\Her early leaf’s a flower./But only so an hour./Then leaf subsides to leaf./So Eden sank to grief./So dawn goes down to day.\Nothing gold can stay.

-Robert Frost

Ep. 61 – Sexist Pig Nightmare – Part One


Inspired by the republican presidential nominee that must not be named, UnPR’s most hated sexist pig, Tino’s brother, returns with a new, cringeworthy tale of racist-tinged misogyny in Mystery Sexist Theater: The Game! In the news this week, you’ll learn an exciting new way to have fun with your cat even after it has passed, and in a chilling tease of next week’s halloween special, we expose which of the United States’ most powerful leaders are actually demonically possessed!

I Don’t Want to Get Off on a Rant Here, But…

A short (but important) clip from this week’s show. It’s not funny — and that’s kind of the point.

Donald Trump’s (Alleged) Micro-Peen on Display

Five FULLY NUDE Trump statues installed across the country



No, seriously: WHY do these stories always seem to happen AFTER we have finished recording for the week!?

The Vagina Diatribes

UnPR047Banner Vagina Diatribes

This show is all about vaginas. Personally, I’d unfollow, unlike, and unsubscribe. We’ll miss you, but I promise I’m doing you a favor.

Your friend,