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I Don’t Want to Get Off on a Rant Here, But…

A short (but important) clip from this week’s show. It’s not funny — and that’s kind of the point.

Donald Trump’s (Alleged) Micro-Peen on Display

Five FULLY NUDE Trump statues installed across the country



No, seriously: WHY do these stories always seem to happen AFTER we have finished recording for the week!?

Tino Might Be a Literal Axe Murderer

Another bonus clip of Bri’s first night in the newsroom; plus, did Tino commit a heinous crime?! (Spoiler alert: probably)

– Judson

Bri Does the News

bri cartoon

We had a pretty great recording session last week — so great we couldn’t fit everything into the show, which works out well for everyone who actually visits our website (thanks, Mom), because here’s a bonus clip (I said ‘clip’!)!

As Bri settles into the show, she discovers what it’s like to be inside the newsroom. But things get rapidly out of hand…

– Judson

News Overload – Bonus Clips Gone Wild

As previously mentioned, we had some extra news stories this week that we had to cut purely for time constraints.

So please enjoy this story from Judson, about a man who has been arrested for failing to return a VHS tape — don’t worry if you don’t know what the fuck that is because Tino explains:

A *Bonus* Bonus Clip – The Flaming Lips!

So we had a couple of extra stories that we couldn’t fit into the news this week. Rather than just cut them out, never to be heard again, we thought our listeners might enjoy an extra helping of Internet news, along with the links from our show notes.

First up, we have a story from Mike, about The Flaming Lips!

Donald Trump (Allegedly) Has A Micropenis

This story about Donald Trump’s alleged micropenis is right up the UnPR Podcast’s alley. It’s the perfect balance of politics, Trump mockery, and dick jokes. It’s not just in our wheelhouse — it hits our G-spot (ironically enough, something we hear is very hard to do with a micropenis).

It’s the sort of thing we might force Tino to write some catchy words about, perhaps accompanied by an equally catchy and well-known melody — stay tuned.

Are you having a good day? Want us to fix that for you?

We’ve had to cut a few stories due to time constraints lately, but some of them are just so infuriating that we really felt the need to share them with you.

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This is how it all began…

Seriously, this is exactly how the UnPR Podcast came to be. Enjoy.


PS – Our apologies to existing users of the term ‘Scisr’, such as the PHP refactoring tool, the Software Craftsmanship in Israel group, or the esteemed Southern California Illegal Soapbox Racers.

The Rain in Spain May Stick to the Plains, but the Misogyny Prefers a Pulpit

So a Catholic Archbishop in Spain said that domestic violence happens when women do not obey men.
Remind me again why we care what ‘advice’ 70-year-old unmarried virgins offer us about sex, domestic abuse, or any other relationship topic.
Oh right. Because they are God‘s original Elf-on-the-Shelf. They even operate on the same basic rules, too. Make damn sure your kids know not to touch them.
– Judson