Monthly Archives: October 2017

UnPR Short – I’m So Indicted!

There’s so much fun stuff to talk about today, we decided to turn around a short show in less than 10 hours! #MAGA (Manafort And Gates Arrested)

Ep. 101 – Star Spangled Bullshit

Let’s talk about the National Anthem, the flag, patriotism, racism, and sportsball!

Encore – It’s Cancer

UnPR083 Banner

When someone you love gets cancer, there really isn’t much else you can talk about. Someone we love has cancer… and we’re going to talk about it. If you don’t have a taste for gallows humor, this isn’t the episode for you. But that’s how WE cope. Judson is doing much better than when we first aired this show, but we wanted to share it with you again.

UnPR Short Episode 1 – Make It Stop

The United States suffered another avoidable tragedy in the latest (and deadliest) mass shooting in Las Vegas. Though there is much we don’t know about this domestic terror attack, what we do know is that we’re long overdue for common sense gun reform. In this short-form episode of the UnPR Podcast, Judson and Tino take a look at what happened, the political hypocrisy and misdirection,  and yet again call for sensible Americans to stand up to the gun lobby and do something.

Ep. 100 – That’s Some Nice Health Care You Have There… It Would Be a Shame If Anything Happened to It

Much like Tino did decades ago, The UnPR Podcast turns 100 this week! After spending some time catching up with the cast, we visit North Korea. Then, get ready to be amputeased!  And finally, because they went after our health care yet again, we spend the bulk of the show talking about yet another attempt to strip poor people of a basic human right culminating in a debate between Lindsey Graham and Judson!