Monthly Archives: June 2017

Ep. 90 – Black Lives F*CKING Matter!

We spend most of the show this week trying to understand the senseless murder of Philando Castile. Though we touch on a few other things (silly things), the main point of this episode is taking a hard look at this tragedy… and why it’s so common.

Ep. 89 – Pride

Happy Pride Month, everyone! We wanted to do an episode exclusively about LGBT pride, but some maniac decided to open fire on congressional republicans. We talk about what happened in Alexandria and our ideas to why. It’s a tough discussion. Luckily, we included a palette cleanser. Unluckily, that palette cleanser is tentacle porn. In our feature we finally DO have a personal and emotional discussion about LGBT pride, culminating in a slightly less emotional game in which we try to guess what various gay sex slang terms mean. Trust me, you’ll want to see what — and this is an actual gay slang term– “Over the bridge to Pimpleton” means.

Pulse Nightclub Massacre – One Year Later

The Pulse Nightclub shooting happened just one year ago. In this episode, we emotionally cope with this senseless massacre… from the inexplicable, anti-gay, hate-fueled violence to the United States’ inability to agree on common-sense gun laws. Please remember those who lost their lives in this gun massacre and so many others.

Ep. 88 – Covfefe v. MGTOW

This week, we take a deep dive into the remarkably shallow waters just off the disappearing coast of Covfefe. Then we have a brief argument about Kathy Griffin.. just before marveling at the curative powers of rice. In a vain attempt to Trump your anger at the U.S. president proudly committing  to destroy our planet, our feature focuses on a men’s activist group determined to be rid of women. Like us… you might get a little pissed.

Please check out for more info on MGTOW.