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Ep. 83 – It’s Cancer

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When someone you love gets cancer, there really isn’t much else you can talk about. Someone we love has cancer… and we’re going to talk about it. If you don’t have a taste for gallows humor, this isn’t the episode for you. But that’s how WE cope.

Plot Twist

UnPR April 2017 Rerun

We had a rough week this week. Three out of the four of us had some level of crisis befall us. Please send your love to Jamie, Bri, Maude, and especially Judson.

Ep. 82 – Mike’s Big Gay Conversion Party

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This week, we try to fly what turns out to be some less than friendly skies, we learn some shocking alternative history from soon to be unemployed Sean Spicer. In our feature, we take a long, hard, throbbing look at gay conversion therapy. And the news brings us everything from post apocalyptic Arby’s time travel to the most vagical of all push presents.

Ep. 81 – Life Gorsuchs

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We recorded the show this week before Trump tried to bomb Syria and somehow managed to fuck that up too. But we still have a great show for you!  First, we take on the nuclear option, hypocritical fallout and all. Then we play one of your favorite games, but with a pretty big twist. In the news, crazy cat ladies get a new perfume. And speaking of crazy, Michelle Bachmann tells us how the world will end.

UnPR Junior!


The UnPR Podcast has decided to take the show to an even more receptive audience… Kids!!!  We’re going to talk about games, clowns, puppet shows, and adult Internet amateur cam shows! Even the news will be fun fun fun!!! (Note: This show is entirely NOT for kids. If you let your kids listen to this show, you are a horrible parent.)