Monthly Archives: February 2017

Ep. 76 – Minority Deport

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This week we welcome home our very brave  members of congress by listening in on a few of their town hall meetings… provided they bothered to show up; we celebrate the website that has the Trumpsters frothing at the mouth, In our feature, we send back some ideas that never should have come to this country as we discuss Trump’s immigration policies… And the news brings us the shocking answer to what REALLY sunk The Titanic… (Spoiler Alert! Jamie’s heart will go on… and on… and on…)

Ep. 75 – Valentine’s Day Part 2 – Trudeau

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It’s all about love this week, as Judson goes gay for Justin Trudeau and we lovingly try to guess which of Commander-In-Cheeto’s henchmen will get the axe this week. We also take a “working vacation” from the Trump train wreck to once again bring you love and life advice you didn’t ask for. And in the news, Popeyes’ tells Chipotle to “Hold My Beer,” and a son comes to terms with the passing of his father in an unusual fashion.

Valentine’s Day Part 1 – The Re-run

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In the first part of our explosively romantic, two-part Valentine’s Day Special we go over and above to bring you last year’s Valentine’s Day Special. The personal stories of terrible romance are just as good the second time around. Also, there’s almost no Trump in this… said no incontinent Russian prostitute ever..

Profiles in Douchebaggery: Steve Bannon

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This week! We try to find our footing in light of the most recent “Trumpocities.” Because we are so impressed with the new administration, we’re “celebrating” Steve Bannon in our first ever edition of a new feature, “Profiles in Douchebaggery.” In the news we have a live interview with Frederick Douglas who is obviously still alive “and doing a great job.” And finally, in a touching moment, we honor the fallen heroes of the Bowling Green Massacre.