Monthly Archives: January 2017

Ep. 73 – Two Truths and An Alternative Fact

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Alternative Facts are the new lies! After a quick review of the Woman’s March, we’re tackling alternative facts, teeth first. We have an all new segment: “Give Me a F*cking Break!” Things then turn lighter as we play everyone’s favorite Icebreaker game, Two Truths and An Alternative Fact! After the news, we hear from none other than God herself!

Ep. 72 – Size Matters

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This week an American hero gives Martin Shkreli the gift that keeps on giving… in the face.  Then, in respectful recognition what went down in DC on Friday, we play 2017’s FIRST game of “Who Has the Biggest Asshole,” which we’ve now had to rename “Who Has the Biggest Asshole (Other than Trump!).” And that doesn’t even TOUCH on the news!! … which probably wouldn’t have consented anyway… but who cares anymore!?

Stay Gold

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Nature’s first green is gold;\Her hardest hue to hold.\Her early leaf’s a flower./But only so an hour./Then leaf subsides to leaf./So Eden sank to grief./So dawn goes down to day.\Nothing gold can stay.

-Robert Frost

Princess Glitterina versus Pseudoscience


This week we introduce you to the most beautiful unicorn in all of Unicornlandia… Princess Glitterina… seriously, she’s WAY prettier than that nasty hussy, Twinkles. Then we call BS on pseudoscience and some of its passionate if ill-informed advocates. In the news, Amazon’s Alexa misjudges her audience, we reveal the truth about the liberal conspiracy that is Ronda Rousey, and we teach canaries that it’s not coal mines that should scare them!