Monthly Archives: October 2016

Fright Night Remastered!


We’re off this week, but we’ve remastered last year’s Halloween show… with some changes and even new content!

Ep. 62 – The Super Scary Halloween Show


It’s our Halloween episode this week, and everyone has dressed for the occasion… allegedly. First off, we share some of our own “tasteful” costume ideas. Then, we tell real-life stories about some of the scariest things that have ever happened to US. In the news, Jamie reluctantly lets the weenie out of the bottle, and we reveal the terrifying truth about what witches ACTUALLY keep as pets.

Ep. 61 – Sexist Pig Nightmare – Part One


Inspired by the republican presidential nominee that must not be named, UnPR’s most hated sexist pig, Tino’s brother, returns with a new, cringeworthy tale of racist-tinged misogyny in Mystery Sexist Theater: The Game! In the news this week, you’ll learn an exciting new way to have fun with your cat even after it has passed, and in a chilling tease of next week’s halloween special, we expose which of the United States’ most powerful leaders are actually demonically possessed!

Ep. 60 – The Drag Show


This week, we whip out our “Mexican things” to briefly touch upon the Vice Presidential debates. But this episode really belongs to drag queens. Bri and Jamie take over the show to share their love of all things drag and introduce us to the stunning LaWhore Vagistan. In the news, we prove yet again that unlike every other non-childbirth podcast out there, we talk FAR TOO MUCH about placentas and Larry King is back to warn you of the dangers of orange juice.

UnPR Special Coverage – Grabbing the… Attention


We skipped over the show we recorded a few days ago to bring you… this.

Web Exclusive – Free the Nips!


We are making good on our promise for more web-only content. This week, it’s vitally important news from last week that Judson tried to keep from all of you!

Ep. 59 – Weird Science


It’s all about weird science this week as we honor the 2016 Ig Nobel awards for questionable achievements in science. Before we get to the awards, Bri shares her short-lived adventures on Tinder and we revel in Trump’s miserable debate performance [Drop: Wrong!]. Later in the news, a man enjoys the company of a manatee, and Tino costs us most of our audience when he reveals just how sick his sense of humor can be.