Monthly Archives: August 2016

We Can Save Your Relationship!

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This week, we decide to scrap our all-porn feature, but Jamie has other plans; we give you more invaluable relationship advice you didn’t ask for… and probably shouldn’t take; a drag queen interviews Trump supporters, and they’re totally not insane.. Just kidding! And we take you to the most terrifying festival of all time! Brace your neverlasting souls!

The Whatever We’re Legally Allowed To Call “The Olympics” Show

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This week, Judson and Bri share their parenting tips (take notice Child Services), we cover the parts of the Olympics the IOC would prefer you didn’t know about, we meet a thing of nightmares when The Watcher visits our show, and we brace ourselves for the realization of Mike’s most nefarious dreams… the Poopocalypse!

Donald Trump’s (Alleged) Micro-Peen on Display

Five FULLY NUDE Trump statues installed across the country



No, seriously: WHY do these stories always seem to happen AFTER we have finished recording for the week!?

Trump v. Bieber v. Bloom

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This week we DECISIVELY end the Bieber versus Bloom debate. Then we bring you our 2016 US Presidential Election Coverage — ALL TRUMP EDITION. In the news, we expose a little-known kind of lady-terrorism, and Jamie and Bri give us exclusive Pokemon Catching tips in an all new Technology Today.

Tino Might Be a Literal Axe Murderer

Another bonus clip of Bri’s first night in the newsroom; plus, did Tino commit a heinous crime?! (Spoiler alert: probably)

– Judson

Bri Does the News

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We had a pretty great recording session last week — so great we couldn’t fit everything into the show, which works out well for everyone who actually visits our website (thanks, Mom), because here’s a bonus clip (I said ‘clip’!)!

As Bri settles into the show, she discovers what it’s like to be inside the newsroom. But things get rapidly out of hand…

– Judson

Bri Good Or Bri Good At It!

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We have big news this week! First, we must say goodbye to one of our beloved co-hosts. Then, we share star-studded highlights from the nationwide auditions for a replacement — culminating in the shocking unveiling of a brand new personality on the show. In the news, we meet a man with a unique approach to parenting and we get some cooking advice that totally doesn’t involve bodily fluids.