Monthly Archives: July 2016

Encore! – Bad Teachers

UnPR038 Banner Bad Teachers

In this encore presentation, we investigate the growing problem of inappropriate teacher/student relationships; the Sheriff of Knobingham saves a less than merry man; Tino exposes an embarrassing secret about Jamie, from which you all could profit; and Poland ruins beer forever… well, according to Tino.

90s Spectacular: Come In, Police!

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This week, we check in on all our friends at the Republican National Convention. Then we unleash Jamie on your favorite songs from the 90’s and placenta isn’t ALL that falls to the floor! We get to know a man who does way more than just STARE at goats. And finally we end once and for all the argument as to whether or not middle-aged men should rap.

Pokemon Go vs. Larry King

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It’s our 50th episode and we’re pitting Larry King against Pokemon Go! First, Mike mansplains the biggest smartphone app ever. We present a brand new feature: Aging Gracefully with Larry King! if we haven’t lost you yet, we’re going with a Pokemon Go-only news segment that includes burglary, dick pics, the Westboro Baptist Church, and the Holocaust… seriously, those are all Pokemon Go stories.

So I Married An Ass Murderer

UnPR049 Ass Murderer Banner

In this week’s probing installment, we try to understand a few things: Why do Christians like Trump? How does a gay man with a soul stay married to a she-ginger? Is a vagina really like a ham sandwich, and if so, what kind? And why is the Brexit good for porn?

Mystery Sexist Theater

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This week, it’s all for you, misogynist identity thieves! First, Jamie tells us her password! Then, Tino’s Brother is back in a brand new installment of Mystery Sexist Theater. In the news, we introduce you to a cafe where EVERY coffee comes with cream, and a man falls in love with his sex doll… for her personality.