Monthly Archives: June 2016

The Vagina Diatribes

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This show is all about vaginas. Personally, I’d unfollow, unlike, and unsubscribe. We’ll miss you, but I promise I’m doing you a favor.

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Orlando Victims

This is a very different UnPR Podcast. Though there is some humor, it’s not the point. This is for the victims of the Pulse massacre.


Technology Today With Jamie

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This Week, Mike and Judson are no more! Meet Mudson! Then, from Elon Musk to the latest advances in feminine hygiene, Jamie teaches a master class in understanding technology. We introduce you to the world’s worst super villain. And two men add some unexpected moves to mixed martial arts fighting.

The Trump Tattoo

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This week, Jamie returns to the podcast after an embarrassing graduation, We check in on famed Trump erotic fiction writer, Elijah Daniel, a Singapore family begs the question, “What the *literal* f**k!?”, and yet more of the sinister gay agenda is revealed… hint: don’t get too attached to Hooters.