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80’s Spectacular: “A Bowl of Craig”


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This week we try to figure out what they were singing about in the 80s. In doing so, we Serve up a “bowl of Craig,” somebody gets “stuck with a shindo,” and we all “go to Cabo” and  “eat the worms that you’ve seen.”  Yeah, this isn’t going to be pretty.

Lemon Party

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This week, The UnPR podcast unites with XHamster to protest HB2, we bring you brand new relationship advice you never asked for, I accept my newest assignment as the show’s Senior Boob Correspondent, and you’re all invited to our very first Lemon Party!

Breakfast Epiphanies

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This week some jackass falls victim to a nasty April Fool’s prank, the podcast’s favorite racist brother makes his incoherent return, we learn a brand new word to share with our families around the breakfast table, and we present a cautionary news story about the dangers of over-exuberant sex.

News Overload – Bonus Clips Gone Wild

As previously mentioned, we had some extra news stories this week that we had to cut purely for time constraints.

So please enjoy this story from Judson, about a man who has been arrested for failing to return a VHS tape — don’t worry if you don’t know what the fuck that is because Tino explains:

A *Bonus* Bonus Clip – The Flaming Lips!

So we had a couple of extra stories that we couldn’t fit into the news this week. Rather than just cut them out, never to be heard again, we thought our listeners might enjoy an extra helping of Internet news, along with the links from our show notes.

First up, we have a story from Mike, about The Flaming Lips!

Bad Teachers

UnPR038 Banner Bad Teachers

This week, in an UnPR exclusive, we investigate the growing problem of inappropriate teacher/student relationships; the Sheriff of Knobingham saves a less than merry man; Tino exposes an embarrassing secret about Jamie, from which you all could profit; and Poland ruins beer forever… well, according to Tino.