Monthly Archives: March 2016

UnPR Movie Night – Archive

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We’re digging into the vault this week to bring you a never-before-aired episode all about the movies! We each share our guiltiest cinematic pleasures; We reveal the UnPR top 20 films of all time; and one of us loses his sh*t over one movie in particular.

O, Brother, Where Art Thou? (No Coens Involved)

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This week we have an exclusive interview with a very special guest; we try to wrap our minds around a 10 pound tallywhacker, a zookeeper shows us just how close man and dolphin can become, and we might have to cancel our March appointment with the notorious Dr. Anal.

True Lies

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This week we challenge you to tell the difference between truth and lies. Is there a secret Trump supporter among us? Did Mike get the dreaded Half-Cosby? Does one of us have a sibling that has actually killed a man? Is one of Tino’s most passionate positions built on nothing but lies?

Tiny Hands

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This week it’s all about the news as we update you on our least favorite former Subway spokes-pedo; Katy Perry’s secret identity is revealed, Donald Trump makes tiny, tiny jazz hands, we investigate the plight of sexsomnia sufferers, and Pat Robertson cures Tino of his gayness.