Monthly Archives: January 2016

50 Shades of Orange

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This week we cover the 2016 elections as only the UnPR Podcast would: one of us leaves the show for a coveted position in the Huckabee campaign, Ted Cruz makes a decent joke, but still nobody likes him, and Donald Trump meets the love of his life…an unsuspecting bell boy.

Classing Up the Joint

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This week we introduce our children listeners to a magical new character, Uncle Tortilla; we try to add a touch of class to the show with a brand new segment on the arts; we spend some quality time with everyone’s favorite political moron, Sarah Palin; and God plays a very… nasty… joke.

The Art Studio Gallery

These are the tattoos from our recent tattoo game.

  1. Pussy Eater   pussy eater
  2.  Starry Night Queef
  3. Back in Black  Africa
  4. Unnecessary Instructions  a29d7e8187c2c58ab174bfc1ea8083e9
  5. Inexplicable Instructions   insert coins
  6. The King of Pop   jacko
  7. WWJD?  what would jesus do.jpeg
  8. Giuliani’s Calf Tat   its raining men

Care Package

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This week we and the Westboro Baptist Church bid farewell to rock icon David Bowie, in an open letter to Mike’s employers, Tino reveals what Mike’s at-work pooping addiction is costing them, Charlie Sheen is almost cured in Mexico, and the UnPR Podcast sends its OWN “care” package to Vanilla ISIS.

The Rain in Spain May Stick to the Plains, but the Misogyny Prefers a Pulpit

So a Catholic Archbishop in Spain said that domestic violence happens when women do not obey men.
Remind me again why we care what ‘advice’ 70-year-old unmarried virgins offer us about sex, domestic abuse, or any other relationship topic.
Oh right. Because they are God‘s original Elf-on-the-Shelf. They even operate on the same basic rules, too. Make damn sure your kids know not to touch them.
– Judson


Isn’t It Bionic?

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We’re back with our first all-new show of 2016! This week we reveal the winner of the Asshole of the Year edition of Who Has the Biggest Asshole. We answer the question, “Isn’t it Bionic?” In the news, a man claims someone shoved an unwanted toy into his basket; and some not-so-curious lesbians have their first real-life encounter with man parts.

UnPR Best of 2015 Spectacular (aka The Cli* Show)

UnPR026 BannerDig in to some of our best bits of 2015 in our first ever Giant Cli* Show! (What show?) (You heard me.) Oh, and there might be a couple never-before-heard surprises.