Monthly Archives: December 2015

Who Had the Biggest Ahole in 2015?

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It’s our last all-new show of 2015, and we’re ending on a low note with Who Has the Biggest Asshole: Asshole of the Year Edition. During our final 2015 visit to Tino’s Gay Corner, he suggests an exciting new party game for your New Year’s celebration. And we “salute” the responsible gun owner of the YEAR.

Placenta Claus Is Coming To Town

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It’s all about the holidays this week…  well, almost. First, Jamie decides to ruin Christmas for everyone with the worst story we’ve ever aired. If you somehow make it past that, we share some of our most cherished holiday memories. And we close out with an all-christmas installment of crazy internet news. Proving there IS such a thing as christmas miracles, Mike isn’t on the show this week at all!

There’s No “D” in “UnPR”

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In an unexpected twist, the UnPR podcast is hiding the sausage. This week, it is officially a literal D-free zone. While NOT talking about man-junk, we entertain an indecent proposal from someone you’d never expect. Tino suspends his no-pooping at work policy as we take a dump on Trump. And Jamie confesses to having TERRIBLE taste in men!

UnPR Against Humanity

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In this week’s show Tino is in danger of losing his gay card, we find out Judson might in fact have the biggest a-hole after all, we play a little UnPR Against Humanity, and one of us actually quits the podcast in a fit of disgust.