Monthly Archives: November 2015

Family Feuds

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In our last show before Thanksgiving, Jamie returns to confront Tino’s disgusting brother. In preparation for the holidays, we say the nasty things about our families that you WISH you could say at the Thanksgiving dinner table.  And we finish off with dicks… yes… a LOT of dicks.

UnPR Podcast – MRT3KKK

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We’re Ginger-Free this week as we up the bar on cringeworthy with Mystery Racist Theater. Shots are fired in the totally fake war on Christmas. And we discover what Mike learns while breaking the first rule of Work Club.


UnPR Podcast – Deez Nuts

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This week’s show is totally nuts! Your voices are heard as Jamie faces her critics. We play Who Has the Biggest Asshole Home Edition. Because there isn’t enough of it, we deliver hard-hitting presidential election coverage. And because most people listen to podcasts to learn something, we’re going educational.