Monthly Archives: October 2015

UnPR Podcast – Fright Fest

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It’s Halloween on the UnPR Podcast! This week we introduce our first panelist ever with no penis to speak of… well, if you don’t count Mike. We explore the horrors of live birth parties. Tino educates us all on the dangers of real life monsters.  And the news will scare the pants off you

UnPR Podcast – Super Gigantic UnPR Game Show

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This week, it’s a full-on game show! First, we play Mike’s game, “What’s THAT in my pocket?” Then, YOU, the audience, get to pick the week’s most responsible gun owner. We give you the second installment of Who Has The Biggest Asshole; and in our final game we try to tell fiction from fiction when it comes to calling in sick to work. So let the games begin, with the UnPR Podcast’s host and resident Game Master, Mike!

UnPR Podcast – The Biggest A-hole

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This week!  Pan-sexuality and jalapeno bacon mac and cheese are on the menu!  The holidays come early in the form of Tino’s touching family tale: A Very Dildo Christmas; humankind takes a great technological leap forward with the *e*Jaculator; and we unveil our newest segment: Who Has The Biggest A-hole. You won’t believe who wins!

UnPR 15 – It’s Raining Men


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It’s all about the news this week!  A priest threatens a child, but strangely it’s not sexual. The guys take a virtual group shower.  We beg Kim Davis NOT to do porn. We debut  a new segment: “Tino’s Gay News Corner.”  Ben Carson is off the rails and Lindsay Graham takes on the flood.