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UnPR Podcast 07-Tiny Wiener Challenge!



Tino issues a new challenge…to himself — and we find out who knows the most about international porn proclivities.

So close…

This week the USA Today College partner network released a list of the top five podcasts every college student should listen to. And while we don’t disagree that Radiolab and The Moth are excellent offerings, we are hearing unconfirmed reports that The UnPR Podcast finished seventh in the voting (WTF with Marc Maron placed sixth) — we believe it was our unflinching coverage of the whole range of ‘gender fluids’ that put us among such esteemed company.

UnPR Podcast 06 – Guilty Pleasures

UnPR006 Banner

This week we take a look at guilty pleasures.  The UnPR Podcast DOESN’T get the girl.  Judson hopes to meet his own Prince Charming (hint: it’s Chad Michael Murray). We get a feel for Breastaurants… and Tallywackers.  And we take an entirely different approach to the news.

And here is the Tallywackers picture we promised.

Attempted robbery of some VERY private property

In the UK, a man has been charged with attempting to steal cash from a vagina.

The exact value of the money stored in the ‘vagina in question’ remains unknown at this time. But at least we know Tino’s off the hook, right?

– Judson

UnPR Podcast 05 – Conrad Memorial Episode

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It’s requiem for no theme this week as the guys celebrate the memory of the dear departed Conrad, the Canadian Raccoon.  Tino’s dad reaches out from beyond the grave to make Facebook friends; Mike takes us through the week in ridiculous Internet news; and we connect with our inner child in an unprecedented Disney/UnPR musical crossover.

If you want to see Tino’s favorite armpit tattoo, click here. (I am genuinely not sure if that is NSFW or not. -M)

Judson the Laxative: The Musical

Hi, Everyone.  So I maybe took Judson randomly singing the Daniel Tiger toddler poop assistance song from a recent pre-show and set it to the appropriate music.  Grab some toilet paper and enjoy!

UnPR Podcast 04 – Sore Losers


In this episode of the UnPR Podcast we take a look at sore losers.  I call dibs but nobody listens.  Tino manages to AVOID a gay orgy. Marriage equality becomes law and as expected there is much glorious butt hurt.  In an UnPR exclusive we pull the foreskin off the super secret gay agenda.  And we can’t forget the week in crazy news!

UnPR Podcast 03 – Irish Curse


On this week’s episode, the lazy guys bring you the Irish Curse version of the podcast, meaning it’s considerably shorter than she expected.  We reveal the winner of the Worst Dad Contest and keep you up to date on all the most important news from around the Internet.